The Design Connection Process for Creating Custom Home Plans

During our years in business, we at The Design Connection have streamlined a system for custom home plans to ensure a beautiful product and practical process for us, our clients, and the builders. We’ve found our system to be an excellent guide for everyone involved. Know that through the entire process you can be sure of personalized service. The Design Connection is here to help!

Step One – Design/Preliminary Phase

The design step begins with an in depth discovery process. We’ll meet, whether on-site or at our office, and have a conversation about your wants, needs, ideas, and budget. Each design The Design Connection creates is customized, so we’ll want to get to know you and your family a bit to design the best space possible. What might the future look like for your family? Maybe more kids or teens soon leaving for college? Does your extended family like to stay over? The Design Connection designs for now as well as the future to ensure you’re satisfied with your home for years to come.

Think of this initial design process as an investment. With in depth discovery and design, you’ll have the drawing and be able to move confidently ahead while collaborating with builders and building your home. You’ll be set up for success when, together, we put in the time and effort at the front end to define your end goals.

Step Two – Construction Document/Bid Phase

Discovery and design are all about the ideas; the construction document phase is all about fine-tuning your ideas into precise, practical custom home plans. At this point, there are usually some design updates as we dive deep into the drafting of the plans. We’ll keep you up to date and always involve you whenever it’s time to make decisions.

Step Three – Construction Permit/Final Phase

Once the selections have been made, and the custom home design reflects your unique lifestyle, you are now ready to complete the design process. The Design Connection will finalize the plans to ensure they’re an accurate representative guide as preparation for construction is underway. The plans are uniquely tailored to comply with all state and local building requirements and are compiled together to assist with permitting and construction for your licensed builder.

And finally, once construction has begun, and your design is coming to life, The Design Connection will continue to communicate with you and your builder to assist with any questions that may arise along the journey to your one-of-a-kind home.

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